In Latest Report, Clutch Recognizes Sooner Marketing Solutions the Best B2B Marketing Firm in Oklahoma

In Latest Report, Clutch Recognizes Sooner Marketing Solutions the Best B2B Marketing Firm in Okahoma

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Clutch revealed the top B2B service providers in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska & Oklahoma. The rankings take into account former clients and comprehensive, verified reviews.


 WASHINGTON, DC – September 14, 2020 – Clutch, the leading ratings and reviews platform in Washington DC, announced the top-rated B2B companies in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. 

As the tech world(link is external)

 continues adapting during this changing landscape, service providers are adapting with newer innovations. 

Clutch is acknowledging some of the best in this region of the US for their commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver.

The research conducted by Clutch considers several factors including brand recognition, past awards, industry expertise, and market presence. 

For companies looking to be highlighted on next year’s list, B2B service providers are encouraged to apply and get listed on Clutch. 

“When you work with as many hardworking, dedicated business leaders as we do, you quickly come to understand why these award decisions are so difficult,” said Clutch Customer Experience Analyst Michael Trim. “Our team selected these leaders because of not just one area of excellence, but their consistently stellar performance across service, customer interaction, pricing, and countless other categories.”

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