Turning Your Website into a Revenue-Producing Website

What if your company website actually became a revenue-producing website? If you would have described today’s online world to someone ten years ago, I’m not sure they would’ve believed you. The ease of access to quality online content is astonishing. Google’s objective along with other search engines, is to provide the most accurate and relevant […]

ROI of SEO for Small Businesses (Does It Work? Let’s Do the Math)   

Have you ever made an investment that yields a return of at least 50%? Few such investments exist, with one notable exception: SEO.  The ROI of SEO for small businesses is incalculable. Many businesses, especially small businesses, make the critical mistake of neglecting to their own detriment. The fact of the matter is that if […]

Website Content Tips

In an increasingly saturated online marketplace, it is getting harder and harder for companies to stand out from the competition. The question is: How do you get your brand to stand out in a world where the average consumer is bombarded with 5,000 advertisements per day? The answer is through content curation and creation. Many […]

The Benefits of a Yelp Partnership For A Marketing Agency

Yelp Logo

We’re excited to announce that Sooner Marketing Solutions is a Yelp Ads Certified Partner! We are now able to support and manage Ad campaigns for all of our clients – both large and small! We are so happy to have been given this opportunity as it allows us to better serve our clients. The purpose […]

Six Reasons To Hire A Digital Marketing Consultant

Sooner Marketing Solutions Web Design Company In Tulsa

1. Outside perspective The number one reason to hire a marketing consultant is for the outside perspective. You may have assembled the most talented team of marketers on the planet, but you’ll always be blinded by some level of bias. A consultant, on the other hand, can come in and see things clearly without being […]

Benefits of Hiring A Marketing Agency Over In-House Marketers or Freelancers

Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Loom, so many options for business owners looking for freelancers. The question is, however, should businesses trust a self-employed freelancer or a well-established marketing agency when deciding which entity to use for their marketing campaign? The reality is that freelancers are everywhere, thanks to individual websites, getting access to a freelancer takes […]