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Learn About The AAA Route 66 Road Fest & Revival Project

In six years, America’s Mother Road, Route 66, will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. And with over sixty million members, the American Automobile Association, better known as AAA, has been serving Americans even longer. Since the beginning, Route 66 and AAA have been trusted traveling companions, and to celebrate their journey, AAA is creating the first ever… AAA Route 66 Road Fest.

Home to the only state capital located on Route 66 and the highway spanning over 400 miles within its borders, Oklahoma is proven to be the perfect place to host this milestone celebration. AAA will present a unique, weeklong event beginning in Tulsa and ending in Oklahoma City in June 2021.

If you are a Route 66 enthusiast, are interested in mapping out the perfect road trip, marveling at vintage cars, discovering new local and regional music, and exploring America’s rich history in an environment fun for the whole family, then plan your next summer vacation around the AAA Route 66 Road Fest.

Included throughout the Road Fest are opportunities to experience all the exceptional towns, attractions, and activities that The Mother Road has to offer.

The Mother of All Road Fests!

Project Details

AAA Route 66 Road Fest requested a responsive website in a short time frame. The event was less than a year away and a website was missing with so much to do! We were able to collaborate with our partners to accomplish this website in 5 days, from nothing.