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Sooner Marketing Solutions undertook a comprehensive marketing overhaul for Active Approach Chiropractic, transforming their digital presence and bolstering their connection with clients. First and foremost, we crafted a cutting-edge website with a sleek design and user-friendly interface, effectively conveying the essence of Active Approach Chiropractic chiropractic care. In parallel, we conducted content visits, employing professional photography to capture the inviting atmosphere of the practice and its dedicated staff. To further engage the audience, we ventured into video production, shooting and editing captivating content for their YouTube channel. Managing Active Approach Chiropractic’s social media accounts, we utilized platforms like Facebook and Instagram to foster connections and share valuable chiropractic insights. As a final touch, we took to the skies, capturing stunning aerial photos with a drone to highlight the practice’s location. Additionally, we installed an efficient online booking system on their website, simplifying appointment scheduling for clients, enhancing the overall user experience, and facilitating seamless connections with Active Approach Chiropractic.