OKlahoma Pure

Project Details

The Barnhart’s have been in the excavation business for over 75 years. When we start working with Barnhart Excavating our goals were set to increase brand exposure on social media. 

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With the highest purity, potency, and flavor, Oklahoma Pure has quickly become a pioneer of cannabis oil production, as we continue to pave the way in industry standards and innovation in the state of Oklahoma.

We are proud of the incredible legacy we are continuing to build. It is the passion and dedication of our phenomenal team that has pushed the boundaries to set us apart and makes waves in the cannabis industry. Oklahoma Pure utilizes innovative closed loop technology, which ensures no contaminants are exposed to the product.

Engineered to produce only the purest concentrates. Only trained and certified extraction lab technicians command our innovative production system. It’s unique design provides for the safe and effective production of botanical materials, while still preserving the plant’s original characteristics, including flavor and aroma.