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Who are they and What was their need?

The Greens On Boulder offers handmade deli sandwiches and catering services since 2007.

When we approached The Greens On Boulder to design their first ever website, we knew online ordering would be HUGE! A whole new way to order fresh sandwiches and other foods, and curbside pick-up. 

Many of their customers are people who work in the Downtown Tulsa offices, needing a quick lunch in order to get back to work. An online ordering feature allows nearby customers to easily see what’s on their menu, place an order, pay, and pick up so they can get right back to work!

The Greens On Boulder | est. 2007

Project Details

When we began working with The Greens on Boulder, we took the same tailored approach as we do with each of our clients. They had a great POS system, however, they needed a website to match that excellence and merge well with a new site. 

We integrated their Clover POS system to their website, which means all of their items seamlessly connect and update as they update their items from the POS. No need for a separate online ordering & payment software (reducing additional costs)!

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