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Ultimate Marketing Budget Sheets



7 Marketing Budget Templates | Marketing Budget Excel Sheet

A key element of a marketing plan is budgeting, which determines how much you have to spend on which marketing strategies.

To develop a marketing budget, identify your goals and the optimal channels for reaching your audience.

Marketing spend for small businesses varies wildly, from a few thousand dollars per year to thousands per month.
This article is for entrepreneurs preparing to develop a marketing budget that will deliver results without negatively impacting the bottom line.

What is a marketing budget?
A marketing budget is the amount of money a business allocates for expenses related to the promotion of its goods or services. Marketing budgets are usually developed on a quarterly or annual basis.

What’s included:
– Master Marketing Budget Template
– Event Budget Template
– Branding & Creative Budget Template
– Public Relations Budget Template
– Paid Advertising Budget Template
– Content Budget Template
– Product Marketing Budget Template

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