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Marketing collateral has changed over the years. Two decades ago, all you needed to boost your marketing efforts were a couple of brochures and a few flyers. Nowadays, the options can seem endless.

Marketing collateral describes a compilation of different media types, which is used to help improve the sales of a product or service. In the past, the term “marketing collateral” was mainly associated with brochures that were used to support the sales process. But today, we use marketing collateral to inform potential customers about your products or services, so this term now refers to both offline and online media.

  1. Blog Posts & Articles
  2. White-papers, One-Sheets, E-Books & Guides
  3. Brochures, Business Cards, Company Folders, Branded Envelopes & Other Prints
  4. Company Awards & Recognitions
  5. Explainer Videos
  6. Email Signatures (consistent design for everyone)
  7. Digital & Printed Portfolio / Projects & Case Studies
  8. Press Mentions & Releases
  9. Sales Presentations

We start by on-boarding you through a content audit. Conducting a content audit is one of the most important things that Sooner Marketing Solutions can do when we first engage with a new client.

Content fuels inbound marketing and you can’t have one without the other, and content audits help Sooner Marketing Solutions show an immediate value of Inbound by leveraging content Example Company already has. And last, but certainly not least, it helps Sooner Marketing Solutions identify the right personas for Example Company’s business. “A content audit is the process of evaluating Example Company’s content – both in quantity and quality. By listing Example Company’s content assets and current performance, Sooner Marketing Solutions will be able to identify any gaps in content, create a plan to improve performance, and uncover quick wins.”

In a nutshell, a content audit entails evaluating all of the content that Example Company has and determining what is useable for our inbound strategy. As you may know, creating new content is expensive, so naturally, our first step is to identify existing content that we can leverage to generate ROI.

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