Geo-Fencing & Geo-Targeting Ads (Geo Ads)

Geo-targeting, otherwise known as local PPC, refers to the practice of delivering different content or advertisements to consumers based on their geographic locations. In paid search campaigns, geo-targeting is often used to advertise to local prospects.

For retail stores with a physical location, using geo-targeting to find nearby customers is also called local awareness advertising. Local awareness ads are an incredibly powerful tool, and not just for bringing new customers to your store. You can use Facebook’s local awareness ads to do the work of geofencing firms that charge thousands for their geographically targeted outbound sales.

  1. Finding High-Value Customers with Local Awareness Ads
  2. Targeting Customers within a Region
  3. Targeting Customers with a Region + Behavior & Demographic Targeting
  4. Targeting with Geographic Exclusion
  5. Targeting by Geographical Behavior
  6. Custom Targeting Lists

What we do?

Targeted Display

Make sure your message is delivered to the right target audience to achieve the maximum return on your advertising investment. This means that we target customers who are in the market for your services.

Geo Targeting

Search targeting delivers ads to individuals who searched using keywords that pertain to your business’ products or services.


A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. A geo-fence could be dynamically generated—as in a radius around a point location, or a geo-fence can be a predefined set of boundaries.

Search Retargeting

Search targeting delivers ads to individuals who searched using keywords that pertain to your business’ products or services.

Contextual Targeting

Keyword contextual targeting delivers ads to users based on the context of the content they are viewing. Unlike search retargeting, keyword contextual targeting uses keywords found within the content of the sites viewed by a user, rather than the words put into a search engine.

Site Retargeting

Site retargeting is a targeting method that will show your business’ ads on national websites to users who have recently visited your website. This is done by placing an invisible pixel on your website that will capture the IP address of individuals who come to your website. Once the individuals leave your website, they begin to see ads for your business as they surf the web.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting delivers your ads to users based on their continuous browsing history and information entered into websites. Behavioral targeting uses the information that is continuously being collected from user to serve them ads based upon their interests.

Event Fencing

Target customers who attended specified events with the most precise temporal GPS targeting solution available. Event Targeting is used to build an audience based on a geo-fence during a specified date and time window of an event and then advertise to those customers. Ideal locations include stadiums, arenas, convention centers, parks, festivals and much more.

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