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Video Editing for TikTok's, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts


Hiring an editor is expensive… Or At Least It Used To Be…

A video editor is by far the most important asset you can add to your team if you’re a YouTuber, digital marketer, or small business that creates and publishes online videos.

Maybe you have considered hiring an in-house editor (expensive), tried to manage a freelancer (not reliable), or maybe even edit your videos yourself (I tried that too before burning out). In the end, none of these options ever work out.

The whole reason you’re making videos is to make more money, find more freedom in your life, and to have fun creating incredible videos…not to slave over your keyboard all day and eventually burn out.

Double down on making more videos and better videos with our video editing services that will add more value to your business than any other tool you’ve ever seen before. I know it’s a bold statement, but that’s because it’s true.

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We know the insides and outs of social media management and marketing. When you’re looking for someone to keep up with your social presence, engage with your followers and grow your business, your vote of confidence in our social media team will be sure to wow you!

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How it Works

Upload your raw video footage, complete a form, and we’ll deliver the finished product in 3 biz days or less.

Why TikTok?

Though at the beginning it was the land of dancing GenZers, TikTok is now an entire universe full of unique content niches, communities, and audiences. People log onto TikTok to consume knowledge, entertainment, art, animal facts, and anything else you could imagine. Stay-at-home moms, fitness gurus, health food eaters, beauty influencers, and more are all shifting off Instagram and onto TikTok. Regardless of the platform’s obvious influence, you can’t underestimate TikTok’s reach. Right now is a pivotal moment in the social media marketing ecosystem. If you want to market to one of TikTok’s many audiences, you must act immediately.

When you start today you will be able to:

  • Get your time back to focus on the much more important things in your business. This is the 80/20 rule.
  • Become the authority in your space by having better-looking videos than your competitors.
  • Eliminate stress from slaving over a hot keyboard. This alone makes this incredible deal worth it.
  • Free up more time to spend with your family so you don’t miss another soccer game again!
  • Lastly you’ll finally be able to scale your online business. Sign-up today and remove the real bottleneck in your business.

Hire A Video Editor

Do it yourself!

If you have an iPhone you have a camera.

At a minimum, good online video positions you as the authority in your space and gives you a clear competitive advantage over your competition. I tip my hat to you for understanding the value of social media marketing in this digital age. Sooner Marketing makes it easy for people just like you.

Get the footage on any camera and send it to us, and we’ll take care of the rest. You too can finally get more business through amazing videos that tell your story and drive sales.

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