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Sooner Marketing Solutions is passionate about bringing stories to life onscreen! With a wide range of services that span from local social media video shoots, national TV spots and targeted digital campaigns – it’s not just our creative visuals that have people talking. It’s the level of confidence we offer which really sets us apart. Get ready for an unbeatable combination of impactful storytelling and unshakeable self-assurance with Sooner Marketing Solutions!

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Our Clients are like family, and we treat them like so. It’s never just business; business is personal and built on trust.

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Did you know that 95% of viewers actually retain the message that they see in a video?

If you are looking for a means of marketing your business that will really connect with people, then you should look into video marketing. Videos give your audience a better chance to remember your brand and message than static images or text do.

People want to work with people they know, like, and trust. And, video is KING when it comes to making that personal connection with your customer. At Sooner Marketing, we know how to tell stories. We know what sells. We can help you showcase your business, church, event, organization, or cause using the most effective media available—video. If a picture is worth a thousand words—a video is worth a million.

When we work with a client on video production, we dig deep to communicate a message that is on-point and has a purpose. Whether it’s a video on company culture, customer testimonials, service brochures, social media clips, TV spots, or an overall brand introduction video; we know how to apply the strategy behind video marketing.

You’ve probably noticed video slowly taking over the internet and it’s simply a fact that video can have a massive impact on your business.

  • Webpages: Your web page is over 50 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if you have a video on it.
  • Emails: On average, adding video content to your emails can increase click-through rates by upwards of 300%.
  • Social Media: Over half of all consumers will make a purchase after watching branded videos on social media.

Year of Videos Plan

Video production is an impactful way to get your message out. Investing in video production can help you become a leader in the industry, engaging audiences sooner and more efficiently. Beyond that, having access to those videos throughout the year will give you the power to create dynamic advertising campaigns that captivate viewers with content tailored specifically around your desired objectives. To top it all off, we offer a year-in-review video reel at the end of the plan to showcase everything your organization has achieved throughout the year.

Logo Animations

Logo animation is taking your logo to the next level! Unlocking limitless possibilities for creating a truly standout digital brand toolkit. Get ready and begin animating today – it’s time your static logo began moving in style!

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At Sooner Marketing Solutions, we don’t just tell stories ––we create experiences that move and excite audiences around the world. From local videos for social media to national TV ads, our engaging content ignites emotions. And more than anything else, when you trust us with your story you get back confidence!

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At Sooner Marketing, we don’t make empty promises. We deliver results.

We’re a full-service marketing agency based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Say the word and we’ll make it happen!

While we have a number of individual services and solutions to offer, we always start with a deep dive into your business goals. We then craft a marketing strategy that puts you on track to meet such goals and measure results.

We work with you on a high level of customer service, budget mindfulness, and step-by-step planning that make any interactions with us clear and concise. As your agency partner, we like to make all lines of communication with us as easy and transparent as possible.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services help your business grow brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic.

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Creating an SEO strategy right takes targeted competitive insight and very specific recommendations, beyond any SEO basics rule book.

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Our designers and developers have the vision and talent to make a website come alive – and perform at the max.