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Customers are looking for your business online, are you making it easy to find what they need?

Get Online Reviews For Your Business - Easily!

Our Review Monitoring Platform is easy to use and makes managing reviews a piece of cake!  

The software will help you manage, respond to, and request NEW reviews easier than ever before. The software gives you access to connect platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and up to 50 other platforms to choose from. 

Your customers will receive an email or sms text message requesting a review. From there, they will have 2 options

1) Good Experience – From here they will be directed to leave a review on one of the chosen platforms (as other software will save this info internally and never make it to the platform, we don’t want that, our software sends them straight to the platform!)

2) Bad Experience – From there a form will show allowing them to express their frustrations, and allow you to respond to recuperate their negative feedback.

Manage Review Campaigns - Easily!

Our easy to use platform gives you your own unique login so that you can manage your reviews and review campaigns all in one place.

Flexible Review Campaign Settings

Launch Review campaigns with email and/or SMS follow up capabilities easily with all the control you need. Easily customize messages, number of touch point steps, time between touch point steps, “pre-send” delay, duplication detection and more!

Handle bad reviews
before they're published

With our Google-compliant review gate, you are able to interact with unhappy customers in a private manner and fix issues as opposed to airing any dirty laundry publicly.

Furthermore, with the auto-detect duplicate setting, you can rest easy knowing that your review campaign efforts aren’t accidentally spamming your customers. 

Handle bad reviews
before they're published

Harness the Power of Customer Feedback:
Introducing a seamless way to streamline and elevate your online reputation. Connect with your customers like never before using our Review Monitoring Platform. This isn’t just any software; it’s your direct channel to gather genuine feedback and foster customer relations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Vast Platform Integration: Dive deep into the digital realm by linking to major review platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and a diverse choice of up to 50 others.

  • Direct Review Solicitation: After a simple email or SMS prompt, customers can categorically voice their experience.

    • Positive Feedback: Directly guides happy customers to your chosen review platforms, ensuring their positivity resonates online.
    • Constructive Criticism: Dissatisfied customers have a dedicated channel to convey their concerns, allowing you to swiftly address and ameliorate any grievances.
  • One-stop Review Management: A dedicated login to your personal dashboard simplifies the way you navigate, analyze, and respond to reviews. Manage all your review campaigns from a singular, intuitive interface.

  • Fully Customizable Campaigns: Craft campaigns that resonate with your brand. From messaging to scheduling, you have total control over every touchpoint.

  • Preemptive Action on Negative Reviews: The built-in, Google-compliant review gate ensures you’re always a step ahead. Address concerns privately, turning potentially harmful feedback into constructive dialogue.

  • Duplicate Detection: An auto-detection feature ensures you’re never overwhelming your customers with repetitive requests.

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