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Facebook Ad placements

A Guide To Facebook Advertising Placements

. . . One of the best features of Facebook advertising is its wide ad placement options. Advertisers have the option to choose the best area where they think their ads will perform best. Aside from having more freedom to execute creative ideas, this also gives advertisers a better understanding of what type of ads

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Social Media Marketing Still Underrated And Undervalued

There are misconceptions about the effectiveness of having an online presence that comes from a lack of involvement. Business owners and marketers generally treat social media as a lowly job for an intern to handle. Social media is instead a strategic opportunity to build a reputation and attract new audiences. Some businesses have even abandoned Continue reading »

10 Compelling Reasons To Add Video Content to Your Marketing

  These days a website without video content is a lot like a banjo picker without fingers. There’s strumming going on, but nobody calls it music. Here are 10 reasons you should consider adding video content to your organization’s site:   1. Engage Your Website Visitors We hinted at this benefit above. Custom video is Continue reading »

How Should I Choose A Social Media Marketing Company

  Choosing the right social media agency to manage your social media accounts is important. If you choose the wrong company, you can find yourself wasting a lot of money and opportunities to grow. To avoid making the mistake of hiring the wrong person or agency, you need to consider the following questions:   1. Continue reading »