How to Effectively Market A Dispensary

How to Effectively Market A Dispensary

Even with the restrictions on Google and Social Media advertising, there are effective dispensary marketing strategies that can get your business noticed on the internet. Working with an experienced cannabis marketing agency helps you grow your leads and increase traffic to your store.  Google and Social Media The restrictions on product advertising don’t prevent you from putting […]

A Guide To Facebook Advertising Placements

Facebook Ad placements

One of the best features of Facebook advertising is its wide ad placement options. Advertisers have the option to choose the best area where they think their ads will perform best. Aside from having more freedom to execute creative ideas, this also gives advertisers a better understanding of what type of ads work best for […]

All You Need To Know About Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger Story Ads

All You Need To Know About Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger Story Ads

If you are a social media user, then chances are that you have uploaded a story or at the very least know about the Stories option on Facebook and Instagram. Stories are where people share and discover content they care about. Statistics show that 68% of people use stories on at least three apps regularly, […]

Facebook removing gray verified badges from Pages on October 29th 2019

Facebook Removing Gray Verification Badges On Pages

Facebook’s making a couple of changes to business Pages, which will impact both presentation and data tracking elements. First off, as first reported by Marketing Land, Facebook has announced that it’s removing all of its gray verified badges, designed to display Page authenticity, as of October 30th. Facebook’s gray verification badges – not the blue […]

How To Create A Facebook Business Page

How to Create A Facebook Business Page

Whether you own a business or a part of a brand or organization, you are going to want to make a Facebook Page if you’re going to make any connections. Facebook Pages are similar to Facebook Profiles in that they can be customized with similar features such as Facebook Stories. Statistically speaking, creating a Facebook […]

How To Create a Facebook Ads Audience

When running Facebook Ad campaigns, it is crucial to target those ads only to people who would be interested in them. Audiences that have no interest in those ads are not likely to convert, making it a waste of advertising dollars. There are more than 2 billion active users on the social media platform. It […]

How To Get More Facebook Reviews (Without Even Asking)

How to Get More Facebook Reviews

Do you want more Facebook Reviews? If so (and I hope so) then listen up.  In this post, I’ll share how to get more Facebook Reviews without asking for them (especially if you are a location-based business) I’ll also share a bunch of ways you can ask for reviews – the right way – so […]

10 Compelling Reasons To Add Video Content to Your Marketing

These days a website without video content is a lot like a banjo picker without fingers. There’s strumming going on, but nobody calls it music. Here are 10 reasons you should consider adding video content to your organization’s site: 1. Engage Your Website Visitors We hinted at this benefit above. Custom video is a great […]