How To Create A Facebook Business Page

How to Create A Facebook Business Page

Whether you own a business or a part of a brand or organization, you are going to want to make a Facebook Page if you’re going to make any connections. Facebook Pages are similar to Facebook Profiles in that they can be customized with similar features such as Facebook Stories. Statistically speaking, creating a Facebook […]

How To Get More Facebook Reviews (Without Even Asking)

How to Get More Facebook Reviews

Do you want more Facebook Reviews? If so (and I hope so) then listen up.  In this post, I’ll share how to get more Facebook Reviews without asking for them (especially if you are a location-based business) I’ll also share a bunch of ways you can ask for reviews – the right way – so […]

20 Examples of How to Ask for a Customer Review

Does anyone buy anything these days without reading *at least* a handful of customer reviews first? The answer is no… or very few. 90%, actually – that’s the percentage of consumers who read online reviews before visiting a business or purchasing a product. It stands to reason…. People trust each other more than they trust companies. But […]

How to Use Google Analytics to Track and Improve Your Content Marketing

How to Use Google Analytics to Track and Improve Your Content Marketing

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tracking tools when it comes to online marketing. The platform is free to use, easy to implement, and offers a plethora of reports that can be extremely useful in tracking your site’s performance. On the other hand, it’s also a bit overwhelming, especially because it offers so […]