How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Explosive Growth: 2020 Update

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram for Explosive Growth: 2020 Update

Wondering how to use hashtags on Instagram? Trying to make sense of conflicting information? Here’s the rundown on How many hashtags to use on Instagram 2019 Using Instagram hashtags in comments or caption Adding hashtags to Instagram after posting The most popular Instagram hashtags Banned Instagram hashtags 2019 And exactly how to post Instagram hashtags Plus […]

All You Need To Know About Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger Story Ads

All You Need To Know About Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger Story Ads

If you are a social media user, then chances are that you have uploaded a story or at the very least know about the Stories option on Facebook and Instagram. Stories are where people share and discover content they care about. Statistics show that 68% of people use stories on at least three apps regularly, […]

The Complete Guide to Social Media for Restaurants & Bars

complete guide to social media for restaurants and bars

Where do you go when you’ve had a bad day or for a night out with friends or family? Chances are that you thought of either a restaurant or bar. Perhaps you thought of your favorite, or maybe you heard good things about a new location that you were thinking about trying. 88% of people […]

5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Why does social media marketing exist? Why is your brand participating in the first place? This may not be a popular opinion but social media marketing is MARKETING, just like any other channel, and with any channel, there will be challenges. When social media doesn’t yield the results business owners expect, they want to know […]

How Do I Add an Instagram Action Button to My Business Profile?

How to create a call to action button on Instagram

Congrats! You just got some new followers to like your companies Business Profile on Instagram… Nice! The only problem is you don’t just want new followers; you want to make sales! Your customer sees your product and oh man… there’s no action button for him or her to buy it! For individuals who don’t set […]

How do Instagram Stories Work?

How do instagram stories work

Over the years this social media platform has increased its reach to nearly 800 million active users today. In fact, with Facebook’s acquisition of the social media app, growth and global outreach have continuously been on the rise. With new users registering nearly every day. Based on this information alone, numerous social media marketers believe […]

How To Create Top Performing Posts on Instagram?

So many businesses and brands use Instagram to promote their services. They use Instagram to create posts that can attract their audience into paying customers. The advertising feature of Instagram has been launched in the past and businesses are using this opportunity to target their audience. People using Instagram click on newsfeed ads than ads […]