Braedon Kruse

Founder & CEO

Braedon has serious passion when it comes to creating and delivering outstanding digital marketing strategies.


I have studied & experienced marketing & business both in the corporate and small business worlds. Through being the President of Dead Bolt Anchor Company and CEO of Sooner Marketing Solutions, I am able to embrace my passions and continue striving for success.

My history started at the age of 4 with a business passion. The decision to run my own lemonade stand and promoting it through flyers, business cards, etc. and of course, I had employees to help run my stand, so the neighborhood kids joined in. As I grew, my passions for the business grew as well. My grandfather played a large role in my business passions teaching me his ways in business for what to do and even more importantly for what not to do. He passed away leaving me with 20% ownership of his business, Dead Bolt Anchor Company, at the age of 15. To this day I carry on his legacy with every Dead Bolt Anchor Plate that passes through my hands to achieve one common goal; prevent door break-ins, keeping what’s most valuable safe.

After graduating from Broken Arrow Highschool in 2012, my graduation present was a couple of hundred dollars and a one-way ticket to New York City. Here is where I worked for 5-7 marketing agencies gaining experience in both the offices and the front lines of what it meant to be a “marketer” or “brand ambassador”.

As soon as I arrive back in Tulsa, BK Integral (like integrity) Marketing was founded with no capital, no mentors to guide the way (besides family and friends), and a passion for marketing. To help the business market with a unique kind of relationship with their marketer. I instilled my core values with every prospect I met that I would be there for them with their best interest in mind. In 2014 I had taken the leap and finally had the opportunity I needed to quit my full-time job and feel confident in myself and my business.

Today I manage a well-rounded marketing team to deliver the best marketing services to our clients through Sooner Marketing Solutions.

About Braedon Kruse

Braedon KruseBraedon has serious passion when it comes to creating and delivering outstanding digital marketing strategies

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